Suggested Reading

The Quest by Rhuddlwm Gawr - Camelot Press 

The Mabinogion by Lady Charlotte Guest -

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The White Goddess Robert Graves (Various)

A History of Witchcraft by Jeffrey Russell -

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Elements of Herbalism by David Hoffman -

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The Book of Crystal Healing by Liz Simpson -

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Celtic Crystal Magick Vol 1 by Rhuddlwm Gawr -

Camelot Press Intermediate

The Way by Rhuddlwm Gawr - Camelot Press -

The Rebirth of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente -

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By Standing Stone and Elder Tree by William G. Gray - Llewellyn 0-87542-299-3

The Alex Sanders Lectures - Magickal 0-939708-05-1

Shamanism and the Mystery Lines by Paul Devereux - Llewellyn 0-87542-189-X

Tarot for Beginners by P.Scott Hollander - Llewellyn 1-56718-363-8

Crystal Magick Vol. II by Rhuddlwm Gawr


The Word by Rhuddlwm Gawr and others - Camelot -

The Book of Druidry by Ross Nicholls -

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The Call of the Horned Piper by Nigel A. Jackson -

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Angels and Goddesses by Michael Howard -

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The Pickingill Papers by Michael Howard -

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The Sacred Ring by Michael Howard -

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The Innerspace Workbook by C Summers & J Vayne -

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Pathworking by Pete Jennings - Capall Bann 1-898307-00-8

In Search of Herne the Hunter by Eric Fitch -

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The Witches of OZ - by Matthew & Julia Phillips -

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Sacred Geometry by Nigel Pennick -

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Lines on the Landscape by Nigel Pennick - Hale

Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition by Nigel Pennick - Aquarian

The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner - Bantam

Earth Magic - a Seasonal Guide by Margaret McArthur -

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Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries by WY Evans-Wentz -

Colin Smythe

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The Celtic Church of Dynion Mwyn

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We welcome all who earnestly  wish to walk the old paths and follow the Old Gods and Goddesses. The Path of the Dynion Mwyn is not easy, this is not the fuzzy bunny new age tradition. We offer a starter course to get the new seeker started.

Dynion Mwyn Offers A 13 Lesson  Course. So if you are ready to start on your path with Dynion Mwyn,You may Order them  here. Each Course comes with one on one assistance and a personal instructor to assist you with your journey. We call them The Twelve Treasures. Each Lesson is very comprehensive. The cost of each is $12.00.We do not charge for instruction, this merely assist in the cost of running the website and delivery of the lessons.

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Dynion Mwyn sees the God and Goddess in many different forms. They experience the Goddess in her physical form as the Earth which is the Mother of all. They see the God in his physical form as the Sun which is the Father of all. There are also beliefs in Spiritual Guardians who guard the temples and circles of the religion, as well as its members. The Welsh Pantheon of Dynion Mwyn is the Welsh and Celtic with the inclusion of all the fairy folk.

Sky Goddess is called Arianrhod. She is called the Blue Virgin of the Outer Darkness. She is the whole Universe, created and un-created, before and after. She is the great infinite one who divided herself and brought forth light. Her grain is Oats.

The Corn Maiden also called the Spring Queen. She is the spirit of new growth, of both plants and animals. She is the daughter of the Earth Mother, the spirit of all her children. The Corn Maiden appears as a young girl, her body shining white, holding a silver bow. Her emblem is a six-day-old crescent Moon, which She wears upon her brow. Her grain is Barley.

The Great Mother The great mother goddess is Donn (Danu); she is an embodiment of the forces of the sacred land. This can range from the family to the solar system or a pattern of stars. She is also called Mari (Mary) and is the spirit of Earth, Sea, and Sky. The world is her body, and through it she manifests. Her grain is all grains.

The Crone Cerridwen or Kerridwen, Ceridwen, Caridwen, (sometimes spelled with two r's), the Mother Goddess of corn, inspiration and keeper of the Cauldron of Knowledge; she is the symbol of the Witch and her name translates as "the Cauldron of Wisdom." She has the power of Magick and prophecy and she helps the seeker to find their own powers through initiation. Her grain is Wheat.

The God of the Blue Stones Danaglas is also called the Serpent in the Well and the Flower King. He is the spirit of Spring, youth, and potency. His seed is the life-giving moisture of rain and rising springs. He also represents the human Divine Spirit, from his quality of pure innocence.

The Harvest Lord Twr (Welsh for tower) is the Corn King. He is the spirit of Summer, a spirit of Light and Heat in its aspect of nourishing and energizing life. He is the son and lover of the Earth Mother. The Harvest Lord appears as a stag-headed man. His body is completely golden: skin, hair, eyes, and horns. His neck is wreathed with a garland of summer flowers and green leaves about the neck. His emblem is a golden sun.

The Winter King Arddu (Old Welsh, "royal darkness") is the Dark Lord and King of the Dead. He is the spirit of winter and death. In Witchcraft, Death is called the Great Teacher, and so the Winter King, as the bringer of death, is the giver of wisdom and knowledge, the Guardian of the Mysteries.

The Horned King Cernunnos, the horned one, the Celtic "Father of Animals" with his companion Stag and Boar is connected with fertility and wealth. Cernunnos is depicted as the "horned god, " with the antlers of a stag, most notably on the famous Gundestrup cauldron discovered in Denmark.